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I am writing this on 3/19/2020. There have been five COVID-19 tests given here in Lemhi County. Two came back negative and they are still waiting on the other three. I will try to keep you updated.

Coronavirus data in Idaho

CDC information of cleaning and disinfecting.

Go to the epidemic/pandemic page for information on how to prepare.

We must prepare now so that in time of need more of our members will be able to draw upon their own preparedness and not have to seek assistance from the Church. L. Tom Perry, April 1981


  • You have what you need to survive for days, to weeks, or longer after a disruption in services.
  • You have supplies such as food, water, first aid kits, medication, tools, and important documents on hand after a disruption.
  • You have the finances for a disruption lasting weeks or months.
  • You have skills to barter and trade if a disruption lasts for a long time.
  • You have spiritually prepared yourself to receive revelation for guidance.
  • You are able to help others.

The weather is unpredictable; emergency resources may be scarce after a disruption; water and/or power may not be available. Disruptions may be in the form of a local wildfire, flood or earthquake. If there is a financial collapse, power grid failure or pandemic, what will you need?           

The spiritual preparedness we all will need will qualify us in the moments of crisis to receive the Lord’s promise that “if ye are prepared ye shall not fear.” Pres Eyring

Lemhi County Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Neighbors Helping Neighbors is a simple way to engage in preparedness for disruptions in our everyday infrastructure that we take for granted. It does not require any special expertise or knowledge – just a desire to be more prepared and to invite your neighbors to join in discussing ways to prepare your neighborhood. We invite you to meet with your immediate neighbors to discuss steps to be prepared and follow them together.

YOU WILL NOT GET EMAILS LIKE THIS MAN SAYS – the national NHN website has been closed.

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<p>We were able to download the videos and information about disasters, block captains, preparedness and the Neighbors Helping Neighbors principle from the national website in 2014 before the national website shut down. We began the project with widespread community support.</p>
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<p>We revived our website in August of 2019 to once again reach out to the communities in Lemhi County with ideas and links to various preparedness websites.</p>
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Disaster can strike quickly and without warning, sometimes isolating entire neighborhoods. As Hurricane Katrina reminded us, neighbors may need to rely on each other and their own resources for several days before help arrives. Authorities strongly urge each family to be self-sustaining for at least SIX days.

We invite you to meet with your immediate neighbors to discuss these steps and follow them together.

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